Jan 11 2008

Happy New Year!

It has been quite a long time since last I spoke on the front page here - and now 2008 is upon us! Where does the time go? Well, some things never change - HMS King George V is still awaiting texturing (though I did make a start on that at last!), HMS Bellona has made no progress (and is likely to be restarted now)... and I have started another new project!

Well, not really a new project, but rather the next part of the same project started with HMS Captain. HMS Britannia is now under way - a 100-gun first rate - the first first-rate I have built! I only have lots more to do once she is complete! Captain is on hold for the time being, whilst other ships catch up to her level of completion. I have a few ideas to save some time in the later phases of construction which requires the pause.

Now, enjoy MMVIII!

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