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Aug 7 2006

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Recently I decided to try and make the switch from Cinema 4D to Lightwave. This is a quick render after working through a tutorial on the NewTek site for making those medical style renders of things such as these blood cells as you would (or might) see them through an electron microscope.

All fairly simple stuff at this stage but hopefully I will be up and running with it all soon enough!

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Aug 25 2006

#1   Joel says: 08h48:20

This certainly hails a new era in the stuff we'll get to see here. It puts a tingle down my spine.


Aug 25 2006

#2   Paul says: 09h30:12

Hehe - it would be a new era, but my foray into modelling with lightwave wasn't so successful, so I'm back with Cinema for now. I may give LW another go one day, but I can't seriously see myself ditching Cinema.


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