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Aug 12 2004

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With Agamemnon finally completed, I decided to produce this quick render for the re-opening of There are clearly many issues with this render - not least the wooden base itself! Once I have made a set of sails for her, however, I can start using her in more interesting environments.

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Oct 12 2006

#1   Spankybus says: 16h43:39

Sweet Job, Mate!


Jan 7 2007

#2   A.J. says: 12h25:10

Wonderfull. I would like see skelet of hull and 3-view drawing.


Jan 10 2007

#3   Ajax says: 16h35:09

Wow very, very nice


Feb 24 2009

#4   Victor Galdon says: 15h03:38

Amazing job. Congratulations


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