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Sep 25 2005

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Even though I still have yet to make a set of sails for this ship, I decided to give the Agamemnon another outing, but this time using some global illumination in the render. To be honest, the result was rather poor, and what you see here is the result of a fair amount of Photoshop work to produce something that is at least passable. I think I must have made some alteration to the copper plating material after declaring the model finished, as it has lost some of its original effect that I liked so much.

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Jan 7 2007

#1   A.J. says: 12h22:21

Wonderfull. I would like see skelet of hull


Mar 16 2007

#2   Ted Brayshaw says: 14h43:16

Brilliant !

A combination of your skills and the soft ware


Sep 26 2012

#3   Willie says: 22h52:14

They have a similar arsectny, yes, and that comes into play. But the experience of east coast Canadians is different than the experience of coastal British and that spills onto the page.


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