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Jan 19 2007

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This is the model of HMS Thunderchild that I built for Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds project, during the R&D phase of production at the end of 2004. Along with SS Empress, this model went on to be used in the final effects shots for Jeff Wayne's very successful touring production.

Some small images of her in action can be seen in this article: She can also briefly be seen in the trailer for the touring production, here: Some of the final footage can be seen here:

The model is shown here sporting the basic materials I applied to demonstrate the final look, although final texturing was not done by me for this model.

The design was based heavily on the cover artwork for the original CD, and further detailing was inspired by the Royal Navy's Formidable-class battleships.

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Mar 25 2008

#1   Frank Urbanczyk says: 10h20:45

I'm absolutley amazed at the quality of the rendered image, and its detail. I teach graphic illustration at a High School in Larbert, and would like to use this image if its okay with you. I also am a keen modelmaker and have attempted several times to make a model of the thunderchild, but have never been able to. With your permission I'd like to use this rendering as a basis for another attempt.

Kindest Rgards


May 5 2008

#2   lawrence says: 10h52:59

was this ship based on a certian royal navy ship


May 20 2009

#3   H says: 00h16:09

nice work man


Aug 27 2009

#4   Paul Martel says: 13h13:45

Ok so that's a computer generated image. I didn't realise that at first when I saw the image.


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