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Feb 25 2004

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I made this scene after completing my conversion to c4d format of fractalsponge's fabulous Imperial Star Destroyer mesh, which he made in 3DS MAX.

The setting here is shortly after the departure of the rebels from the ice world of Hoth (as seen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, for those who haven't seen it!).

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Apr 13 2006

#1   Magnumcharger says: 04h17:21

—ing awesome!


Jan 26 2007

#2   Darth Wsewolod says: 04h10:05

Not bad! But some editing is still needed!


Feb 9 2008

#3   Mike says: 10h36:52

Very good.
I myself would have no better target.
It looks very real.
ps.: My English is not so good. :-)


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