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Jan 19 2007

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This is the model of the paddle steamer SS Empress that I built and textured during the R&D phase of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds project, in early 2005. Along with HMS Thunderchild, this model went on to be used in the final effects shots for Jeff Wayne's very successful touring production.

She can be seen in the trailer for the touring production, here: Some of the final footage can be seen here:

As the steamer in the original painting that features on the album cover is somewhat indistinct, I was able to put my own mark on this ship. In the end, I chose to base the design for this vessel on the Southend Belle – the sort of vessel that would have been operating in the Thames during the period in which Wells' novel is set.

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Dec 18 2007

#1   Flying Dutchman says: 15h28:17

This is too cool. I dabble a bit in AutoCAD and SolidWorks, but this takes more experience to do. All your other 3D's are beautifull.


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