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This project is the first of a series you'll be seeing on here over the course of the next several months. My aim is to produce a whole fleet of ships, each one as accurate in detail as I am able to make them, given the references I have and are freely available, and at the same time to produce a set of base objects that can be easily modified to produce the foundation for any other ship quickly and easily. The detail level will be less than you see on other of my models here, but it will not be low poly as you'd expect from a game. This particular model will be used twice in the scene or series of scenes I am planning, representing two different ships, of which the famous HMS Captain is one.

I'll provide more details as the project progresses!

There is also a thread for this project at Military

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Jun 15 2007

#1   Stefan Kraemer says: 23h14:10

Hello Mr. Dobson,

interesting approach, although i thought you were continuing with HMS Bellona. Meanwhile i moved from Gmax to C4D and raised the following project ...

This homepage, it is my first one, for shure needs a lot of tuning ... ;-)

All the best,

Stefan Kraemer


Jun 16 2007

#2   Paul says: 15h55:32

Oh, I'm certainly not giving up on Bellona - only she was always intended as something of a long-term background project; I work on her from time to time.

Nice start to your site - Pandora is looking very good so far!


Jul 31 2007

#3   Stefan Kraemer says: 17h09:22

Impressing and moving pretty quick now... guess you are recycling a lot from your Agamemnon- project. Why is the hull-texture going across the keel/cutwater ...?


Jul 31 2007

#4   Paul says: 18h35:06

Cheers. That would be because I am lazy, and haven't got around to sorting that bit out yet :D It's on the list though...


Aug 3 2007

#5   Max says: 12h27:37

Your models are quiet impressive! I like them.
I searched for some details for my CG model of the "La Couronne" and found your page. The first thing I asked me was, from where do you have the plans of these ships. Is there a special site or book? I don't find detailed plans. Can you help me?


Aug 4 2007

#6   Paul says: 19h10:49

Well the plans for this ship I got from the book Nelson's Ships by Peter Goodwin, but there are several other books available with a wealth of plans in them. Lavery's The Ship of the Line is also a good source. There are a few sites on the net with plans, but not too many - books I find to be by far the best option. If there's a ship you can't find plans for in a book, there's always the National Maritime Museum, who may be able to supply you with copies of the original draughts of British ships; possibly the Musée National de la Marine provides a similar service for French ships.


Sep 11 2008

#7   Joel says: 15h25:48

I've been following your works for some time and have to say that the consistant method and quality always leave a satisfied impression that expectations have been fulfilled and exceeded.


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