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Feb 12 2008

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Another shot of HMS Captain and HMS Orion

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Sep 25 2010

#1   Bob Mallett says: 13h30:16

I am very interested in your project as I have a family connection with a crewman aboard HMS Orion at Trafalgar. So far very impressive. What were the differences between the various members of this class please? I assume their figureheads but what others? Could you assist me with the source material that you have based the models on?

My GGGetc Grandfather was George Mallett and Ordinary seaman from Cornwall.

Best wishes Robert M Mallett


Sep 25 2010

#2   Paul says: 15h56:52


There were four ships in the Canada class, the other two besides Captain and Orion being Canada and Majestic. Canada was built several years before the other three, but they were all built to the same draught, and as far as I am aware there was no change to the gun establishment during that time, and so they were all fitted with the same weaponry. So really you are right in that the only real differences between the ships of this class would have been their decorations.

As for references, I keep meaning to add a little panel on the right of the pages where I can give a list of useful links - references, sources, etc. I got the plans for this ship from the book 'Nelson's Ships' – or possibly it was 'The Ships of Trafalgar' – I can't remember without looking through them again. Either way, both books are by Peter Goodwin, the curator of HMS Victory in Portsmouth. However, those are simplified plans, redrawn by the author. Since I placed this project on hold in its rather cut-down state, the National Maritime Museum has uploaded a whole load of ship plans to their website, and included is the draught of the Canada class:


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