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HMS Agamemnon, a sixty-four gun, third-rate ship-of-the-line-of-battle, was constructed at Buckler's Hard, on the Beaulieu river, Hampshire, and launched in 1781. HMS Agamemnon was one of the most famous ships in the Royal Navy, with battle honours including The Saints, Copenhagen, the Battle of Trafalgar, and the Battle of Santo Domingo. She was commanded by Captain Nelson between 1793 and 1796, during which time the sight in his right eye was damaged at the siege of Calvi, though not blinded, as popularly thought.

HMS Agamemnon was the first ship-of-the-line Nelson commanded, and also the first in which he raised his broad pennant as Commodore. He transferred his command to the 74-gun HMS Captain, 74, in 1796, in which he took part in the Battle of St Vincent. Nelson always spoke fondly of Agamemnon, and indeed, she is remembered to this day as his favourite ship of all.

Designed by Sir Thomas Slade, the same man who had designed HMS Victory, she was a fast sailer, and a very weatherly ship. Unfortunately, by the time she was stationed on the West India station, her bottom was not in great condition, and during manoeuvres in Maldonado Bay, off the coast of Uruguay, a fluke on one of her anchors penetrated her bottom. All the hands were taken off without loss of life - indeed, she settled very slowly. Divers are currently excavating the recently discovered site of the wreck.

This 3D model aims to reproduce the ship as she would have appeared during the time of Nelson's command.

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Mar 16 2006

#1   Joel says: 10h18:38

The attractiveness of the Agamemnon exceeds beautiful. It is easy to stare like a love struck fool and miss the tireless effort which has gone into producing the immaculate rigging which, in its detail conveys a sense of such realism. A ship shown as beautifully and truthfully as this, desrves to have its creators passion realised in a real life reconstruction. Surely it is the passionate works such as these that will lend a hand in encouraging people to remember and reconstruct the past with renewed enthusiasm.


May 20 2006

#2   Greg says: 01h29:21

Completed? But what about the sails?!


As you're aware, your crowning achievement, to date.


Oct 14 2006

#3   AzZellon says: 19h04:28

That is one lovely looking model mate! Too bad it's post-PotBS game period.. Bummer, woulda been awesome using that as a ship. Nevertheless a great job that hasn't gone unappreciated. Well done Mate!


Oct 31 2006

#4   Keith Cochran says: 19h14:06

A view from the ship's wheel would be cool. Nice job.


Jan 7 2007

#5   A.J. says: 12h55:14

Wonderfull. I would like see skelet of hull and 3-view drawing.


Jan 8 2007

#6   Stefan Kraemer says: 20h40:19

My Admiration, had my own decent attempt with gmax here:

but this is outstanding in every way!


Jan 21 2007

#7   Paul says: 22h36:06

Thank you! It looks like you are aiming for quite a high level of detail in your own work - best of luck with that.


May 26 2007

#8   Ali says: 05h46:21

Hats off to you Lord Dobson, hopefully that is your name.


Jun 3 2007

#9   David Bushaway says: 21h56:17

Thanks for your great ref. this will make my Illustration of a 74, move on the painting,which computer cant do. Great thanks.


Nov 2 2007

#10   Joe Plaice says: 06h10:35

Capital! Excellent work. I could stare at the rigging for hours (and I do)...


Dec 19 2007

#11   Andy Appleby says: 07h49:27

lost for words,stunning


Dec 27 2007

#12   Porter says: 14h14:33

This is great work! I take your pictures as excellent addition to the rigging plans delivered with the model. Its all so clear!


Jan 10 2008

#13   AngelaBridget says: 22h47:55

Hallo.! Gutes Neues Jahr 2008.!


Mar 13 2008

#14   Kai says: 23h07:52

Absolutely beautiful!!!!


Jul 25 2008

#15   Jukka says: 20h10:40

Any idea to put your ships in the "sea" ?


Jul 31 2008

#16   Keith Carter says: 02h45:29

Wonderful work! Beautifully done! A handsome ship to be sure.


Aug 17 2008

#17   qushiyu says: 15h27:50

very good !Wonderful work!


Aug 21 2008

#18   William San Martin says: 21h38:37

Excellent work! Congratulation! Have sailed many times over the wreck site in Uruguay without knowing she was there. Hope to dive someday.


Sep 11 2008

#19   Joel says: 15h30:55

HMS Agamemnon has to go down as one of your classics! I know many of us are begging you to figure a way to manufacture and ship these models.


Sep 16 2008

#20   angie says: 23h32:23

This is wonderful to see,i have been researching my ancestors and one from 1783 served on this ship.He was from the isle of mann.


Mar 1 2009

#21   JollyRoger says: 22h14:56

A very brilliant piece of work. I am modeling HMS Agamemnon in 1:1200, and this is an excellent resource.

Thank you!


Aug 23 2009

#22   Simon Needham says: 19h34:51

What a great set of pictures, very good


Aug 6 2010

#23   diego pedro says: 03h46:51

dear friends, i live in punta del este uruguay, this ship, belive it or not is resting under the sea in front of my house, about 200 hundred meters from the cost. a friend of my cousin, hector bado found it in 2009. this is the link for the photos

i use to go fishing, almost every month in that area. it´s rare felling knowing that one of nelson´s favorite ships is down there.... anyway best regards and sorry for my bad spelling.... diego


Aug 14 2010

#24   Ian Wingfield says: 13h54:22

My Great Grandad x5 (James Wingfield) served on HMS Agamemnon and fought in the Battle of Trafalgar - something I am very proud of.


Oct 25 2012

#25   Irina Vasilieva says: 22h28:09

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