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Mar 29 2006

Update Information

Did a little more work on this one this evening. The sternpost and inner post are now added. The sternpost is one of the most important timbers in the ship, and as such only the very best pieces of oak were used for it. It was made from a single piece, and the inner post, with rebates cut into its head to take the stern transoms was bolted to it.

In real life practise, the stern transoms and fashion pieces would have been attached to the stern/inner post assembly before being raised as one unit into position on the keel. In terms of practicality in this instance I have decided not to attempt to construct the transoms at this stage, and so they will be added when the rest of the normal frames are in place - I am not a trained shipwright after all!

As with the stem post, a wooden shore is placed under the sternpost to hold it securely in position, and in real life a chain would also be attached to the inside edge holding it to a point part way along the keel. This has not been modelled in this instance, and would have been removed during the next phase of construction anyway.

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