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The second ship in my current project to begin construction.

HMS Britannia was a 100-gun first rate ship of the line, launched in 1762. She was built to the standard draught for first rates of the 1745 establishment, and was the final first rate launched before HMS Victory.

The plans I have for this ship are not particularly detailed, and I have no references for the ship's decorations, so these will likely be based on those of her sister ship, HMS Royal George, which are rather better documented.

The scope of the modelling side of the project changed over the few weeks this one ran for. The models built as part of this project (including HMS Captain) will now become simple, low-detail models and will form the basis of a series of digital paintings later in the year.

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Mar 2 2009

#1   Víctor says: 19h39:08

I miss wireframes of your really awesome work :)


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