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Mar 9 2006

Update Information

Modelling is now completed! I have been looking forward to saying that for quite some time. I have finally added in the main 14in guns, with the remaining 3 UP mounts installed, one atop the forward, superfiring dual turret (B), and the other two on the aft quad turret (Y). Other final details include the remaining deck vents and other small related details, paravanes, final breakwater details (and the addition of the secondary breakwater), some final details on the cable deck, the bridge walkways over the catapult, and the chutes on the sides of the hull. Final poly count is just over 2million.

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Aug 25 2012

#1   William Maxwell says: 18h56:11

Looks an excellent model. To what scale is it built? Did you use wood or plastic sheet?




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