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This is a low poly model of an early 18th century Royal Navy demi-batterie frigate. HMS Sweep-Stakes was one of the last ships of this type built for the Royal Navy. The type gets its name due to the lower deck, left entirely unarmed on the more modern, 'true frigate,' being armed with a partial battery of heavier guns, such was the temptation to make use of that lower deck. This particular vessel is rated as a 32 gun ship, but is pierced, according to the plans, for as many as 40, although researching the period suggests that it was common at the time for ships to be pierced for more guns than they actually carried.

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Mar 16 2006

#1   Joel says: 10h06:05

This is a project I am extremely interested in. I am a long time fan of watching your projects develop. Watching the process in action is almost like watching a sculptor mould his clay and smooth his surfaces. Hopefully the clay doesn't dry too quickly and we will get to see much progress made incorporating smooth lines and textures, before the chisel is required to rationalise the poly quota.


Mar 19 2006

#2   Mike says: 06h53:49

Great job, I can't wait to see it evolve.


Mar 22 2006

#3   Steve says: 14h20:46

Great job so far


Mar 22 2006

#4   Cap'n Bones says: 21h57:21

Lookin good sir. I will watch your progress through this to see if there were some things I could have done better with the Kronshlot. As it is I'm at texturing which I have never done in my modelling life as yet. I'm not really sure how to proceed but I'll figure it out i guess. Anyways great work.


Mar 23 2006

#5   Centurion says: 17h39:45

Looking excellent so far. Very much looking forward to seeing the progress of this project.


Oct 10 2006

#6   Charles Caldwell says: 14h50:28

Will you be resurrecting this beauty any time soon?


Oct 10 2006

#7   Paul says: 22h53:39

It's my intention to pick this one up again in the very near future! Updates should be forthcoming within the next couple of weeks, depending on how things go.


Oct 12 2006

#8   LiMuBei says: 15h06:49

We're pretty anxious to see you getting back to this! Hopefully your time will allow for it soon.


Nov 27 2006

#9   Joel says: 05h44:25

Huzzah! Finlly some mvement in this direction. Keep it up sir, keep it up.


Mar 23 2008

#10   Pollieav says: 17h02:07

omg.. good work, bro


Aug 21 2008

#11   John Williams says: 09h55:48

Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)


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