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Now here is an iconic scifi design, if ever there was one. I'm not quite sure what my aims are with this one... but it is so visually appealing that I simply had to have a go at making one. A few others have, to varying degrees of success: I shall try to make it as accurate as I can, within reason.

I first started this one at some point in 2004. Six years ago, as of posting this. I have not been working on it all this time! It has been through a couple of iterations: the first version was largely scrapped by the start of 2005, as my skills had improved and the model was not really up to my standards by then. I had a couple of brief spurts working on it in 2005, and then returned to it again in 2007. Since then I haven't done anything to it, but I do intend to finish this one off at some point—I'm just more interested in real subjects.

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