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This is another LEGO side-project. I decided I wanted to try something a little more complicated than the castle I did previously, and so a Technic model was the obvious choice. I selected this one as it also included some pneumatics, but wasn't so complex that it would take me many weeks to do.

As with the previous project, the parts are taken from the LeoCAD parts library, with the exception of most of the pneumatic parts which I constructed myself.

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Jan 28 2008

#1   Thomas Dalzell says: 16h39:36

I am wanting to buy this but can't find it anywhere, Ihave looked on ebay.

Would you know were to by it.

Please reply to



Nov 4 2008

#2   mary says: 18h01:33

im wanting to know where i could buy this as my partner has always wanted one and has never got it. i would like to get him it for xmas could u get back to me as soon as posible please on marylou-lou [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk thank you


Jan 5 2009

#3   Jo says: 18h57:58

Could you please tell me where i could buy a LEGO Technic JCB from.
My e mail address is


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