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Dec 1 2009

Update Information

Well now, it is high time I carried on with this project. For several months previously I have been working on resurrecting this, initially with the intention of just picking up from where I had left off back in 2006, when last I worked on it.

Instead, as I looked over what I had done, I decided that it simply wasn't up to my current standards, and so I started it afresh. This time around I want to up the detail level over what I was aiming for before, and also focus on improving my materials and lighting.

So here we go with the first of the new updates. The engine block and cam covers are carried over from version 1, albeit with extensive modifications and repairs. They were essentially OK as they were before; the rest of what you see is completely new. Materials will develop as the project progresses, but my aim is for each render to appear 'finished' in its own way.

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