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Apr 23 2011

Update Information

After I added the boxes to the sidepods, and before doing the cabling, I decided to take a look at the top of the engine. What I put in initially was based on some fairly unclear photos; since then I have managed to get hold of some much clearer references for that area of the engine, and so I decided to rebuild the velocity stacks. Around them is the bottom tray of the induction scoop; the scoop itself is hidden so that you can see inside where I have also built the fuel injection system.

I wasn't going to do this originally, but since I had the photos I thought I might as well. It isn't perfectly accurate, but it is close enough. Someone has already pointed out that the mapping on the velocity stacks is a bit ugly, and I have changed this for future renders (although they will probably only be exposed for one more render). The braided hose texture I have applied to the fuel lines is another thing with its scale set too low - again, this is something that I have corrected for future renders.

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