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Apr 25 2011

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Almost forgot that I'd added the rain light at the back during all that work as well. It hasn't rendered as expected for some reason - there is a texture applied to the inside of the glass cover, and it was rendering perfectly in my tests, but has decided to be all smooth now. I'll have to look at that again. The upper elements of the rear suspension reveal an error made very early on and incorrectly fixed at a later stage. The top of the gearbox is too low, and this had a knock-on effect with the location of the mounting points for the upper wishbones. General proportions were based on the Tamiya kit, which looks pretty accurate, but of course there are concessions due to scale (1:20), and I didn't spot that (hard to really, given all the stuff cluttering up the engine and gearbox on the car). I noticed an issue at a later stage, and sadly assumed the bodywork was slightly wrong in the kit, and just sloped the tops of the sidepods down towards the back a bit more. Way too late to go back and change that now, so I shall just accept it. You're not going to notice unless you've studied the real thing way too closely, somewhat like me.

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