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Jun 18 2011

Update Information

I started off going by the official dimensions for the rims and tyres, and for some reason, they just didn't look correct. Not only that, but overlaying on a photo proved they weren't, so I just rescaled to suit. I ended up cutting the tyre tread into a duplicated slick tyre, which is probably not the easiest way to do it, but there you go. One section, which was either two or three rows of tread blocks, and then arrayed round at the end. I have made a simple version of the wet tyres with no tread cut in, but still with the correctly raised tread area, and if I do an action shot or even an animation, which I must say seems about as likely as going for a Sunday sail on Mercury (the animation, that is), I can bake out a normal map from the fully modelled tyres and apply it to the simple one. All four wet tyres together weigh in at about 1 million polys. The sidewalls have a normal map on them with some moulded lines and ridges, and a bit of text too. Fairly accurate, both on the sidewalls and the tread pattern. So here they are in the obligatory stacks.

I'm not totally happy with the tyre material... they're a bit shiny. That's fine if they're new, but I'll need to tweak it a bit for future use. The tread area is definitely a bit too shiny - although it's just about ok for a very lightly scrubbed tyre.

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