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Mar 12 2010

Update Information

This time around I have focused on the gearbox. The basic shape was refined a couple of updates ago, though I forgot to mention it at the time. This time I have added lots of the details that are attached to it. The large external gear that was modelled in version 1 reappears—completely new, with no issues of segmentation on the holes this time around.

The collection of electronics and hydraulics components have also been added on the top. There is a whole host of cables and hoses to be added up there eventually, but that will be a job in its own right, and not one I want to do just yet. The arrangement of components seems to have been different at different races—I think this is closer to the appearance at the end of the season. The tall black cylinder in front of them is the oil tank.

Also in this render can be seen the first bits of bodywork! These panels are assembled around the suspension components—you can see the join line. I think I have overdone the thickness of the bodywork a bit, unfortunately. I haven't changed it, however, as although you are only seeing these small pieces of it right now, it has in fact been largely complete since the beginning of this resurrected project, and I don't much fancy changing it again now!

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