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Jun 1 2011

Update Information

This is the setup used for the Hungarian Grand Prix, and needs a little explanation since it is weird. For 1993, there was a rule change, reducing the width of the tyres (and the track, I think) and lowering the height of the rear wing by 50mm. One of the smaller teams found a loophole in the rules and turned up at the European Grand Prix at Donnington with a extra wing element forward of the main rear wing, and up at the old maximum height of 1000mm. Williams copied for Monaco, and McLaren followed suit for Hungary. They are seriously ugly, and were used again in 1994, but were banned I think at the end of the year.

The ugly error around the fastener you can see on the left (under the letter b) I noticed after rendering this, and fixed. There was some slightly odd geometry around it which I have improved now.

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